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      Launched in 2009, HouseofAdam features a great deal of interest on diversifying and personalizing products and services that not only inspire our everyday lives but to build loyalty among customers. Our site is intended to attract the customers, who are genuinely desirable toward the superiority and quality of the products and services and are executive decision makers with direct influence over the purchasing process.

      The founder of HouseofAdam has a vision of established a trusted informative platform for the public to obtain the products and services from reliable suppliers. Now, with an ever increasing visitor base searching for solutions to their problems, we strive to help you connect with and reach the right kind of products and solve problems that could not be solved alone. As a distinguished authority within our respective fields, visitors turn to us for trusted recommendations on their buying decisions.

      By focusing on good products and services each day, we make it simple. We have categorized into 2 different categories. "Buying & Servicing" is designed for the in-house services and products while the "Directory" is designed for vendors whom we have confidence in with their reliability through the course of cooperation in the past. We sincerely hope that HouseofAdam is the place you can feel good about to explore or trying something new, and we will try to keep our website as informative as possible so that you will find it useful and keep visiting often.